A Warm Welcome 

Mary Ann Macri, Registered Psychotherapist

Individual & Couple Counselling - Workshops & Online Courses

Transpersonal Therapy - Therapeutic Astrology - Regression Therapy 


If you have been drawn here because you are experiencing distressing symptoms or whether you simply want to find meaning in a difficult life situation. Your Soul may have brought you here.....

 Spirituality, going beyond religion, is a search for transcendent meaning, linking us with something larger; such as nature, higher self, life purpose and the universe. While Soul, in my view, is that spiritual presence embodied; the eternal vital core of human beings which experiences the fullness of the human condition. Spiritual Psychotherapy honours the healing value of creating meaning in life. As a spiritual psychotherapist, I am not afraid to ask the questions of "ultimate concern" to those who may be suffering from a loss of meaning in their lives. It is not my interest to reform or change any spiritual beliefs, but to help restore your connection to your "Soul", cherished relationships and your place in the Cosmos.

 If these words resonate please free to explore my offerings  Spiritual Psychotherapy, Astrology Therapy, Shadow and Dream work; Regression Therapy, Body and Energy-based Therapies.  Or if you simply want to talk to someone who will listen to your uncensored story, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation.  Look forward to connecting with you soon.