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SOUL REVOLUTION  Reanimating the Ordinary
SOUL REVOLUTION Reanimating the Ordinary

An upcoming monthly Blog spotlighting (with humour, antedotes and real evidence) the importance of reconnecting with "Soul" in our lives. 


Soul Monologues  is an inspirational exploration of the magic of the human psyche...An invitation to step into the potential and possibilities of whole-hearted living...a discovery of what's underlying our mass cultural discontentment.... an important diaglogue with the unconscious aimed at freeing us from the treadmill of chasing the mirage of unattainable happiness to a more sustaining and fulfilling path of meaning and purpose.  


 Together, let's hold a space for Soul; listen to its wise voice;, honour its immeasurable depth;, heed its call to transform, to create and live a wildly fully experienced life.


From my Soul to your Soul, 

Mary Ann